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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Comedy Stylings of a 3yr Old

Looking for a little laugh today? Well,having a 3 year old son for anyone can be a challenge and fun at the same time. So, below is a compilation of the most innocent yet funny questions and comments I've heard from my son thus far.(More to come I am sure)

-While enjoying a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich for lunch with my son one afternoon, I noticed he kept stopping to look at the inside of his sandwich. Well, I asked him what he was doing and he looked up at me and asked with such a serious look on his face "Mommy...Do the jelly fish make the jelly?" I nearly fell off my chair laughing and concluded that perhaps my son watches too much Sponge bob!

-One day while at the Dr.'s office my son was examining the different anatomy posters hanging all over the walls. He proceeded to point out different things like eyes, ears, nose etc. Then with great excitement he said " LOOK! LOOK! MOMMY! A BRAIN!". Proud of him for pointing that out on his own I said Good Job! Suddenly the smile from his face faded..."Mommy there is something wrong with my brain." I reassured him that his brain was fine and his reply (While pointing inside his ear) "No, mommy! My brain is stuck in here!" Needless to say that when the Dr. Finally came in we both had a good laugh.


  1. Cute story please visit my blog if you can

  2. i LOVED the stories they msde me laugh!-D

  3. Aww <3 Thanks for visiting my blog. The kid is definitely cute!


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